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  1. John Stewart
  2. Friends of the High Lakes
  3. Sunday, 08 September 2013

A trail note from the Friends of the High Lakes and the Forest Service...

A new trail entrance into Spring Valley Lake from the ‘T’ has been established. The new trail successfully addresses the issue of passing through private land, as it meanders through scenic public land northwest of Spring Valley Lake.

Forest Service Hydrologists and Engineers evaluated and approved the new trail route prior to its installment.This trail will be the new entrance, and all users should begin using this trail immediately although there are net yet gates blocking the old trail (they are expected to be erected in Spring or Summer of 2014). Please use this trail from this time forward, including when attending the upcoming National Public Lands Day Work Day, Dinner, and Raffle on 9/28/13. Over the next year, through weathering and usage, the trail is expected to settle and be ‘broken in’. Friends of the High Lakes and volunteers will be working together to maintain the trail in the future. However, at this time, further trail work or maintenance is not deemed necessary on the new entrance.   As many have already mentioned or noticed, the new trail includes a section of steep grade near the cow camp. It is recommended by the Forest Service and FOTHL to avoid wheel spin. Please use four wheel drive when exiting to avoid wheel spin. New signage to address this will be posted in the future.

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