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  1. John Stewart
  2. Forest Service
  3. Friday, 14 September 2018
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USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Region and NFWF Announce $1.26 Million in Grants to Restore National Forests Impacted by Wildfire

The 2004 Power Fire on Eldorado National Forest burned 14,000 acres in the Mokelumne  River watershed. The 2000 Storrie Fire on Lassen National Forest burned 27,000 acres  in the North Fork Feather River and Butte Creek watersheds, along with 25,000 acres  on Plumas National Forest. Combined, these two fires burned more than 65,000 acres  of national forest lands and left a significant impact on the landscapes, watersheds and  ecosystems of the region.

In our first year of this partnership, we awarded nearly $1.26 million for six projects within  the Northern California Forests and Watersheds program.

The program funds projects that address four key watershed and forest restoration strategies:

  • Watershed restoration and management
  • Species management
  • Forest and upland restoration and management
  • Management of recreational and non-natural features

Based on proposals received, grants in 2018 were awarded to projects across two key strategies: (1) watershed restoration and management, and (2) species management.

For more information, see attached press release.

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