California OHV - the next round

The ink is dry on the California budget and details are coming into focus.  So, what about the OHMVR program?  What about the future of OHV recreation in the state of California? The OHMVR budget is linked to the California State Parks budget. Now, for the rest of the story...

While news headlines claim nearly all California State Parks will remain open, the angst caused by Senator Simitian and the California State Parks Foundation ended as no benefit to the Parks and a detriment to OHMVR program.

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Letter of support for Daphne Greene

In 2012, the California Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division will celebrate its 40th anniversary. In 1972, and now, the citizens of California recognize the importance of a well-managed program that provides OHV opportunities while protecting the environment. Continuing that tradition of excellence is important and Daphne Greene has been a big part in contributing to the financial health of the California OHV Program.

Governor Brown's recent announcement that Daphne Greene's appointment as Deputy Director of the OHMVR Division will be terminated on December 31, 2011 is of great concern to all off-highway enthusiastists.

Please send a letter and offer your support of the reappointment of Daphne Greene as Deputy Director of the OHMVR Division within California State Parks. Daphne has provided strong leadership and integrity to build a model program that is solvent with self-sustaining funding from the user community.

Click here to send your letter courtesy of California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs.

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Is Growing Trees Coming Back?

A recent report released by the Society of American Foresters, with collaboration by US Forest Service, raises some interesting points.  According to the news report (included below), U.S. environmental and energy policies should be based on science-informed premises.

One of the premises states: -- Forest products used in place of energy-intensive materials, such as metals, concrete, and plastic can reduce and store carbon emissions and can in some cases, substitute fossil fuels to produce energy.

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Marines of the future

The Associated Press published an article about the Post War Marines: smaller, less focused on land war. (

I found the article interesting and informative.  I have been following General Amos and read some of his past statements regarding his vision for the future of the Marines as that has a direct bearing on an issue that is important to me: expansion of 29 Palms Marine Base and Johnson Valley OHV Area.

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Election 2008 - Get some exercise

That the population of the U.S. continues to grow is documented by census data.  That the sale of OHVs continues to grow at triple digit rates is documented by industry sales data.  That attendance at events continues to increase every year is documented by increased registrations.  These trends point towards an increasing population growth fueling an increase in demand for recreation - notably, motorized recreation.

Key to supporting the increases in population and recreation demand is access to land.  That is a good news-bad news situation.  Your view of good or bad depends on your understanding of the demographics behind the increasing population.

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