CA4WDC NRC South Report for December 2012

For the past year, most of the action has been through webinare and review of on-line information.  The RIT reviewed the proposed actions during their Dec 4-5 meeting. Language changes were provided and priorities were assigned. The information collected will be consolidated and re-submitted to RIT members for additional review and corrections.

For a review, the Recovery Implementation Team are appointed members representing federal, state and local governments and representatives of stakeholders groups. Their charter is to review the proposed actions contained in the Desert Tortoise Recovery Plan developed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Some of the proposed actions (and more contentious) involve grazing, roads and trails, predator control (ravens, coyotes, and free-roaming dogs), property acquisition, and invasive species control. The complete list contains over 30 proposed actions in these and other categories.

My position on the RIT represents motorized recreation stakeholders. As this process moves forward, there is a high probability access to routes within desert tortoise may have restrictions applied.

The next step after the results from this meeting are compiled and corrected is a submission to the Management Oversight Group which is expected in spring of 2013.

The implementation of the proposed actions are expected to be available for agency projects in 2014. However, there are many actions that are currently being implemented where a proposed activity occurs in critical desert tortoise habitat.

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Sierra NF Dinkey Landscape Restoration Project - The DLRP is moving forward with development of an Environmental Assessment for the Bald Mountain Project.  The overall project will cover forest thinning and meadow restoration.  The project will be accomplished through mechanical thinning and controlled burns.  Details are expected to be in the EA which is being developed.

I have been attending collaborative meetings and submitting comments on behalf of CA4WDC on this topic.

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BLM Nevada Carson City District Office
- The BLM Carson City District Office is developing a Resource Management Plan for the district which includes several counties in California. They are in the scoping phase and conducting public meetings in the local region seeking involvement in trail mapping to identify routes of importance to recreation.

The RAMP will be a combination of a resource management plan and a travel management plan.  I have submitted comments on behalf of CA4WDC urging the CCDO to engage in a two step process where the resource management plan is developed prior to the travel management plan.

I have been working with BlueRibbon Coalition as they are engaged in this planning process and several CA4WDC members in the Reno-Carson City area are volunteering to work with BLM.  Comments on behalf of CA4WDC have been submitted.

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Oceano Dunes SVRA Dust Control Project
- The OHMVR Division is seeking comments on a proposal to install, operate, and maintain meteorological, sand flux (i.e., sand movement), and particulate matter monitoring equipment and dust and track-out control measures primarily in and within the vicinity of Pismo State Beach and Oceano Dunes SVRA in San Luis Obispo (SLO) County.

I am preparing comments on this proposal for submission by Jan 4, 2013.

Additional coverage of this topic is available at:

OutdoorWire - an on-line archive
- As noted in my last report, I am shifting various projects to a full on-line for continuous updates. Everything is under the OutdoorWire banner. OutdoorWire ( provides a clickable link index to a vast collection of news and information across its family of websites. The sites,, 4x4Voice, and have long been important sources of information concerning environmental and administrative regulations and their impact on motorized recreation.

Of importance to CA4WDC is the 4x4Voice section which is an on-line library of information about projects I am following on behalf of CA4WDC.  Each topic will be updated as action happens to reflect current status or action.  

In addition, there is the OutdoorWire Calendar featured on the 4x4Voice section -  The calendar will reflect the dates of meetings, due dates of comments, and dates of submission of comments.

Together, the family of websites contain more than 12 years of information covering topics from landuse and environmental issues to 4x4 vehicle tech.  An integrated site search provides quick access to site archives and forum postings.

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