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The Michigan-based performance off road powerhouse now offers five staged packages with increasing levels of hardware and capabilities for Jeep lovers.

Adrian, MI (Oct., 2012) – VWerks, a specialty vehicle builder and off road parts manufacturer, announced today its new dealer direct program for Jeep Wranglers that customizes JKs to make them look more extreme and be more off-road capable. Through select dealerships, customers can now order Jeeps upfitted with additional hardware to match the level of off-road ability they need and desire.

“We want to customize the Jeep experience,” says Jeff Wyatt, CEO of Venchurs. “Whether you want a vehicle that looks more menacing than your average Jeep, or you want something capable of crawling over the rocks on a mountain trail, we have a package that fits you.”

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MUIRNet Land Use Resources Updated

Ever wonder what that acronym means?? When reading the various news reports about issues affecting motorized recreation and public lands, a number of terms and letter combinations are used. If you need to know the meaning of ACEC, NEPA, or WSA, MUIRNet Glossaries is now on-line and provides a definition of those and many other terms.

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Notice of Intent

Forest Planning Process

STEP ONE: Notice of Intent (NOI)

WHAT IT IS: The Forest Service will post a Federal Register notice describing the need for change in management plan of a national forest. The notice also identifies the major issues that the Forest Service proposes to address in the plan revision. The NOI, also referred to as 'scoping', will solicit comment from the pubic about other issues not included or whether the public agrees or disagrees with the proposed action. Contact information and deadline for comments is also included. Comment period will vary; generally at least 30 days and not more than 180 days.

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Public Involvement

Forest Planning Process
STEP TWO: Public Involvement

WHAT IT IS: Under NEPA, the agency is required to encourage public involvement and collaboration through written comments and other, less formal means such as public meetings, open houses, workshops, and field trips. The Forest Supervisor "...has discretion to determine the methods and timing of public involvement opportunities." The length of the comment period is determined in part by public involvement.

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Introduction to the Forest Planning Process

The Forest Planning Process

The U.S. Forest Service is an agency within the U.S. Department of Agriculture and charged with managing the 192-million acre National Forest System. The National Forest System contains approximately 34.2 million acres of designated wilderness areas and another 58.5 million acres of Inventoried Roadless Areas. The remaining 100 million acres is managed for a variety of public uses including recreation, logging, mining, and grazing.

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Forest Planning Process
STEP FIVE: Litigation

WHAT IT IS: Before going to court you must, under law, exhaust your administrative remedies.

If the Forest Service is preparing an environmental assessment or EIS for a project, there will also likely be an opportunity for administrative appeal. For projects that are categorically excluded from NEPA, there will be relatively little public involvement.

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