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From the Landuse Frontlines - California Recreational Trails Act of 1974

The below is research compiled from a number of sources over the past 10 years concerning the California Recreational Trails Act of 1974.  In the 1971 Chappie-Z’berg Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Law (the Law), the Legislature addressed the growing use of motorized vehicles off-highway by adopting requirements for the registration and operation of these vehicles. In addition, it provided funding for administration of the OHMVR Program along with facilities for OHV recreation. The Law was founded on the principle that "...effectively managed areas and adequate facilities for the use of OHVs and conservation and enforcement are essential for ecologically balanced recreation...” Since then, other laws have been enacted that revised the OHMVR program to: Expand, manage, and sustain existing OHV areas and support motorized off- highway access to non-motorized recreational opportunities;  Monitor, conserve, and maintain resources;  Establish the OHMVR Division within California State Parks to administer the OHMVR Program;  Increase funding to the OHV Trust Fund; and, Establish the OHMVR Program as a permanent Division within California Department of Parks and Recreation.

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What is Standing?

Many people are voicing complaints about the pending loss of their favorite trail and are threatening to file a lawsuit.  Sounds simple.  But, is it that simple?

Keep in mind, to file a lawsuit, you must have “standing” and prove that you are “harmed” by the decision.  So, just what is “standing” and what is “harm”?

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SB-249: Help OPPOSE, Save OHV

Your assistance is needed to help save the California OHV Program.  Senate Bill 249 is scheduled for a hearing before the Assembly Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife on July 11, 2017.  This proposed bill is OPPOSED by state OHV groups and would eliminate the OHV program as it now exists.

The immediate need is for people that live within the districts of Members of the Assembly Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife to send letters asking them to OPPOSE SB-249.  A list of those members is provided below.

However, if you do not live in their district, please feel free to contact any or all and express your opposition.

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SB249 - How to kill a 'world class' program

As the dust settles over the State Senate vote on SB 249, a few things are becoming clear.  First, that the bill passed with basic minimum votes (3 - NO and 3 - Abstain from the Democrats) indicates this a noted issue and some elected representatives listened to their constituents.  This is the OHMVR program praised by former Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell as 'world class'.  The same program praised by Department of Parks Director Lisa Mangat as 'world class'.

On behalf of other OHV reps engaged in fight for the renewal of the program, thank-you for your contributions, calls and letters to your elected representatives.  They made a difference.

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Senator Anderson Supports OHV!

Many have never watched a Senate Floor vote. This segment of Senate Floor Discussion prior to a vote on a bill features Senator Joel Anderson’s comments in opposition to SB-249.  EVERY OHV organization in the State is FIGHTING to kill SB-249, a very punitive bill that will effectively kill the state OHMVR program.

Thank-you, Senator Anderson, for your support. 

The video is about 7 minutes long and worth viewing to stay informed. This is YOUR OHV program.

Please tell your friends in OHV to watch this video…………..

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SB 249 Coalition Letter to Key Legislators

Save the California OHV Program has been a high level topic for several months.  Competing legislation has been introduced with State Senate and Assembly hearing held and more to come.

SB-249 was introduced.  The legislation (as introduced) is very punitive towards OHV recreation and would basically destroy the program.

AB-1077 was introduced.  This legislation seeks to renew the program, as is, making no substantial changes to a program that has functioned for more the 40 years.  With the periodic re-authorizations required (last one SB-742 in 2007), the program is well managed and always within its budget.

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