Forest Service LogoAgencies ask the public to practice proper food storage and trash disposal in bear country

With the busy summer season quickly approaching, agencies are asking residents and visitors to practice proper food storage and trash disposal when living in or visiting bear country.


There are an estimated 10,000 to 15,000 American black bears living in the Sierra Nevada and sharing habitat with the human population.  Spring is the time of year when bears emerge from their winter dens in search of food.  Bears are attracted to anything edible or scented.  Once they get access to human food and trash, bears lose their fear of humans and can cause property damage and threaten public safety.  Residents and visitors can help keep bears wild and reduce potential conflicts between bears and humans by properly storing food and trash.

The following are tips for safe-guarding your home, rental or timeshare against a bear encounter:

Tips for safe-guarding your campsite against a bear encounter:

To report bear conflicts in California, contact Northern California dispatch at 916-358-1300.  To report bear conflicts in Nevada, contact the Nevada Department of Wildlife at 775-688-BEAR (2327).  If the issue is an immediate threat, call the local sheriff department or 911.

Agencies involved in this effort include California State Parks, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Nevada Department of Wildlife, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and the U.S. Forest Service Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit.