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CFG Commission's 2016 anticipated rulemaking calendar

Commission's 2016 anticipated rulemaking calendar The California Fish and Game Commission is considering the following changes to Title 14 of the California Code of Regulations. A business or a person submitting a comment to a proposed regulation or proposed amendment or repeal of a regulation has ...

Listing of FTHL not warranted

At the California Fish and Game Commission meeting in San Diego an agenda item for consideration was the Petition to consider listing the flat-tailed horned lizard as a California Endangered Species.  The potential listing has been in review for almost two years and a staff report was issued that re...

California Fish and Game Commission meeting set

The December 7-8, 2016, meeting agenda for the Fish and Game Commission is available at  http://www.fgc.ca.gov/meetings/2016/Dec/12070816agd.pdf.     Please refer to the agenda for important meeting information and deadlines.    Of interest to OHV is Item 25 dealing with the flat-tailed horned l...
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