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BLM completes repair of fire, storm damage on recreational trails

REDDING, Calif. – Recreation trails on public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management are ready for the busy spring and summer seasons, as crews have finished repairing fire and winter storm damage. “We owe a huge thanks to a crew from AmeriCorps, members of the Redding Trail Alliance and tr...

BLM begins emergency stabilization projects on public lands burned in Carr Fire

REDDING, Calif.  – The Bureau of Land Management is beginning work on emergency stabilization projects aimed at reducing post fire damage and threats to public safety on public lands burned in the Carr Fire. Natural resource specialists in the Redding Field Office are working from an Emergency Stab...

Burned Area Emergency Response Team begins work on Carr Fire area

REDDING, Calif. – A multi-agency Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Team has begun working with a CAL FIRE team to assess the impacts of the Carr wildfire on the watershed.  The team will evaluate post-fire threats due to flooding, debris flows, and hazard trees, as well as impacts to vegetation ...

Interagency team assessing watershed impacts from Mendocino Complex fires

UKIAH, Calif. An Interagency Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Team from the Department of the Interior is assessing the impacts of the Mendocino Complex wildfires on the public land watershed managed by the Bureau of Land Management’s Ukiah Field Office. The team will be evaluating post-fire t...
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